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Baby pork ribs & chunky pumpkin slow cooked together in clear pork broth. Topped with roasted garlic, scallions and cilantro.


White tofu and wakami soup, topped with scallions.


Braised beef shank marinated with spices cook to tender with carrots, served with egg noodle in creamy beef stew sauce. Topped with basil and...
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Marinated Beef with honey lemongrass and sesame seed, served with pickled radish and peanut sauce. Topped with scallions and peanut.


Crispy fried shrimp drizzled with mild bang bang sauce.


Mixed with egg, bean sprouts , onions , peas and carrots. Choose one meat choice:


Sliced Beef, Flank, Tendon, Tripe and Beef Meatball.


Marinated quails,lemongrass,onions and black peppers. Topped with scallions and peanut served with steam rice.


With onions, scallions and bell peppers. Served with rice.


Onions,lemongrass,red bell peppers and scallions. Served with steam rice.

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